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Nearmap NAVIG8 2022

31 Aug 2022 10:24 PM | Christine Chaplin

This is your exclusive invite to LOOK CLOSER on October 11. We’re so excited to be bringing you a bigger and better Nearmap NAVIG8 to your screens in 2022.

Date: 11 October 2022
Time: 11:00am CT/6:00am HST
Destination: This is a virtual event

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Get excited for Nearmap NAVIG8 2022, where you’ll get a first look at the future capabilities of our custom-designed and built HyperCamera3 with our VP of Product, Don Weigel, and dive deeper into the fifth and latest iteration of Nearmap AI and its expanded capabilities with Dr Michael Bewley.With informative technical workshops and customer-led solution sessions, LOOK CLOSER at Nearmap technology and geospatial content and how it’s being used to achieve real-world outcomes – so you can too!

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