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FGDC 2010 Cooperative Agreement Program (CAP) Award

In March 2010 HIGICC received a CAP award in Category 4 of the program: "Fifty States Initiative: Business Plan Development and Implementation. Projects in this category are developing and implementing statewide business plans that will facilitate the alignment of federal agencies with statewide geospatial planning activities that advance the NSDI. Up to $30,000 with 50% in-kind match."

HIGICC's project ran from March 2010 through February 2011, and resulted in a "Business Plan for Imagery, Metadata, and GIS Data Portal." This Business Plan builds on one of the Programmatic Goals of the 2009 Strategic Plan to "develop a strategy for assisting data acquisition projects and developing geospatial data standards that cross geographic and administrative boundaries." Although this project focuses specifically on the imagery framework data layer, it will serve as a  process model for addressing other layers in the future. The goals are three-fold: 1) define a mechanism to support periodic statewide imagery acquisition; 2) facilitate the adoption of a set of metadata standards; and 3) develop an online spatial data and dissemination mechanism.

Some of the significant milestones of the project-to-date are:
  • May 2010:  Online survey of local geospatial community
  • June 2010:  Imagery Workshop with key stakeholders from across the state, with participants representing federal, state, county and private sectors
  • June 2010:  Data Portal survey of Imagery Workshop participants
  • September 2010: Submitted interim report to FGDC
  • October 2010:  Business Plan: Imagery Acquisition, Metadata Standards, Data Portal
  • December 2010: Demos of portal solutions
  • January 2011: Board approved sponsorship of basic metadata training and Metadata train-the-Trainer training
  • February 2011: Update from NRCS of WorldView-2 imagery collection
We're following this FGDC-endorsed process template for developing a Business Plan for our project.


FGDC Award

Online survey (included in Business Plan, below)

Imagery Workshop Powerpoint (included in Business Plan, below)

Data Portal survey (included in Business Plan, below)

Interim Report

Business Plan: Imagery Acquisition, Metadata Standards, and Data Distribution Portal

Final Report

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