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27 Apr 2015 11:25 PM | HIGICC Administrator


Duties Summary

Directs and coordinates a major subdivision of the State's program of public planning; establishes broad work plans and priorities; conducts program analyses and develops budgets; reviews operating procedures and policies and recommends revisions; reviews and evaluates project recommendations and assists in making presentations to the Governor and legislature; initiates cooperative agreements with other public agencies and develops contract agreements with private agencies; speaks before public groups; prepares reports and correspondence; and performs other related duties as assigned.

This position is located in the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, Office of Planning, Planning Division, Planning and Geographic Information Systems Branch, and serves as the head of the Geographic Information System (GIS) Program. The GIS Program is responsible for coordinating the maintenance of the multi-agency, statewide planning and geographic information system. This Program also coordinates, collects, integrates and disseminates geospatial data sets that are used to support a variety of state agency applications and other spatial data analyses to enhance decision-making.

The duties and responsibilities of the position include establishing broad work plans for the GIS program, developing programmatic priorities and budgets, conducting program analysis, making programmatic policy recommendations, providing consultative and advisory services to other State Departments, administering contracts with private organizations and developing cooperative agreements with other governmental agencies.

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